Monday, 18 March 2013

How much plague can a Plaguebearer plague if a Plaguebearer can bear plague?

If you can't guess it from the title, I've been painting Plaguebearers!

I finished this regiment last night and I'm quite pleased with how they came out. It's fun to get a bit gribbly and grimy with the painting every so often and these chaps certainly fit the bill. I went for fairly strong, punchy contrast to accentuate their sores and open wounds and was bold in the brightness of both the red and almost luminous green.

This unit takes my painting total for the year past the century mark. Not bad going really. Sure, it could have been better if not for all sorts of other distractions, but if I hadn't had those distractions I'd have probably gone mental. And although it would fit the Nurgle theme somewhat, going batshit crazy, stripping down naked and smearing miniatures with my own fecal matter isn't exactly the best way to go about painting attractive looking miniatures! ;)

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  1. Hi James,

    this is Stahly from Tale of Painters. I've sent you a message on Flickr, please check ut out ;)

    Cheers mate