Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New stuff finally - More Chaos!

My run of not getting much done has seemingly continued into another month. I've been so hobby-lethargic I feared I'd found the same stride as fellow blogger Paul. Then, damn him, he started to do some cool stuff and put it online, leaving me trailing in his wake.

The world is ending! :p

But, all is not as it seems. I didn't finish as much in February as I did in January (far from it) but I've got tons of stuff on the way right now. This post and the next few I'll be sticking online are a hobby pick-n-mix of random projects that I am working on right now!

I'm almost done with the new Chaos

Initial excitement about these guys fizzled slightly due to buying STUPID AMOUNTS! But, the Chaos are just about done. Here are two chariots I haven't gotten around to putting on the blog yet and their CMoN links:

I gave up on the idea of painting the WoC Finecast models. I really like them, but I'm sick of cutting off a million-and-one gates from each Finecast model before painting it. That's about the last Finecast moaning you'll see from me here (Paul and I have both vowed to try and focus on exciting, positive hobby stuff rather than grumblings) because unless anyone wants to commission me to paint one, I'll not be buying them ever again. I can't be annoyed by something if I don't let it factor in my life! :)

So that just leaves the Lord shown here, the Slaughterbrute I posted in February to finish up and a Vortex Beast to do...

I'm getting started with more Chaos!

Or it would if it wasn't for Daemons and other such gribbly things! Not the new ones from GW though, I'm not particularly excited by them, but a host of Forge World models I've built up since about this time last year.

Fellow blogger Paul will be pleased to see the amount of Nurgle action going on here. I'm not as fanatical as he is about the pestilent, purifying power, but I have always had (pardon the pun) a soft spot for the look of many Nurgle models.

One model I've had for a while is Kazyk the Befouled on his Rotbeast and I'm excited to paint him. The way his face hangs open is suitably odd and freaky and the fly emblem shield is a very cool touch.

Back in the day I had a Nurgle CSM army, converted to look like a shambling horde of walking corpses using zombie bits. But that was nowhere near as cool as a bloated, freakish Daemon Prince, complete with a mounted jacuzzi tank of slime for his Nurgling buddies to relax in. Forge World, I love you! :)

A bit of a git to fit, but Nurglings chilling in a slime jacuzzi is flat out awesome!

I also have a few Khorne models and they weren't the best cast models I've ever encountered. Some flash was so thick it had kind of become at one with the model... Forge World, I hate you! ;) Ha! It didn't actually take me too long to sort out in truth. I still have quite a few spiky bits to add to the Daemon Prince.


So much Nurgle. I expect hearty back slaps of approval from Paul!

Another unit that I've had on the go for a while and in a multiple of 7 to be extra fluffy are these 14 Plaguebearers. They started out as the first unit for a Daemons Armies on Parade attempt, but since seeing the new models I'm rather less excited by that idea now, so they are in my 'models to paint and sell' pile.

I need to do some extra details, a bit of shading and washing and their weapons.

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